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Visible from I-85

Friday, February 26th, 2010


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While driving around Greenville I found this new set of office buildings while searching for the entrance to the Hubbell Lighting Headquarters. There were no signs signifying what it was going to be and the parking lot was empty. The buildings can be seen from I-85 near exit 51 (about a quarter of a mile from the Hubbel Lighting building) and consists of two symmetrical buildings with a rather interesting rounded building in the middle. The driveway was centered by a 100-yard water fountain. Again, a nice super-wide angle lens would have done the trick to fit all three of the buildings in the frame… oh well.

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Xtreme Kage Fighting

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Xtreme Kage Fighting

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Friday night I got to go to my first cage fight known as ‘Xtreme Kage Fighting’ which was put on by The Fight Party. The event was held in a sectioned-off Bilo Center in Greenville, South Carolina. The crowd primarily consisted of the trash you’d expect to see (most of which having shaved heads and beards). It was the same group of people you would see at any bar during a UFC event. Surprisingly enough, there were even a fair amount of families there with younger children, which might explain why there are so many screwed up kids today. Our seats were on the floor about 7 rows back. I had perfect view of the top of the cage, an occasional fighter’s head, and the big screen that was about 50 feet up in the air.

I managed to snag this picture shortly before losing my ticket and getting chewed out by a member of the event staff for having a “professional” camera. Despite my nitpicking it was a good time, but next time I’ll be sure to either get front row tickets or tickets on the stadium seating.

Added bonus: If you look at the large version of the photo you can see a gentleman in the first or second row of seats at the bottom left side of the cage using a pair of binoculars. Go figure…

Correction: The man I speak of was not in this picture, he’s in the one below. Click for a larger version.

Binoculars at that distance?