The Future Is Now (Augmented Driving)

Being a technology nut, I find joy in stuff like this. This is an application for the iPhone where the phone is meant to be mounted on the windshield of a car (much like a GPS device) with a clear view of the road ahead. The application will display the road ahead while overlaying a few additional items. For example, it will highlight the lane that you’re driving in. It will notify you when you begin to change lanes as well as if there is a vehicle (or object) in front of you. I think that some of the notifications would get rather annoying, but it appears that there are a fair amount of options that can be changed. The author claims an average of 10 frames-per-second, which seems reasonable for this type of application. If I had an iPhone and I would snatch this up in a heartbeat. The app can be purchased for a mere $3!

Official app website

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