Dos Hondas en me Sustantivo

HDR Honda x2

Originally uploaded by cgancos

I spent the other day polishing and putting various parts on the depressingly naked motorcycle. I managed to get it to the point where it would actually roll. The gas tank that’s sitting on the bike will not be used. The inside of the tank smells like a mix of the gasoline and oil from a 1908 Ford Model T after sitting for 112 years. Also, the tank is so terribly rusted that I’m surprised it holds that rancid liquid. I played around with the height of the headlight and I think I’ll keep it where it sits (see photo). However, I did just pick up the windscreen from a Buell Cyclone that I hope will fit and look alright. That may play a part in the mounting height of the headlight.

It’s almost time to put in the motor!

1978 Honda CB550

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